Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is about

Personal Information
We may collect user personal information Who visitor on our sites. When a user visit our site and register or do comments on post then Visitor will be asked for name, email Id. We do not force visitor to submit personal identification information to us. Visitors can refuse to do such activities on our site.

Non-personal Identification Information: collect non-personal information like visitors browser information, operating system, IP address, Country name, visitor activities on our site we use this information for advertising purpose.

Third Party link
You may find third parties link on our site like advertiser link , Sponser link, licensor link,source or credit link, When you click on this link you may redirect to other site. We do not have control on that sites,
That sites have their own privacy policy.

We protest your personal and non-personal indeinformation information: protect User or visitor information. we don’t sell your personal or non-personal information.

We can change privacy policy at any time but when we will change, a notification will be shown on homepage. You are adviced to check this page frequently. If you have any problem regarding privacy

you may contact us at use Google Adsense Ads for monetization purpose. so in order to protect adsense acount from spammer thenewspur utilizes Fraud Detection and Prevention Services by Fraudgrade. All transactions are screened for previous fraudulent activity, including but not limited to Email Address Validation, IP Address Validation and Domain Validation. In the case of a confirmed fraudulent incident, your email address and/or ip address may be reported to FraudGrade using one-way hashed information.

Last Updated on 11 april  2018.